Requests from my girlfriend)

  1. Multiple attachments in one message (purely UI thing, I think) - show email with multiple attachments as one message, and allow DeltaChat attach multiple files to one message. Is this possible and will this be implemented?
  2. Advanced message forwarding. I described it here: GitHub link
    Also same question)))
  3. Allow users to download and use a stickers (Yes, I know, this is for email). I think than sticker packs can be implemented just as private folder on client side, and stickers themselves can be sent just as tagged (or untagged) image attachments, and then it will be shown in UI as stickers.

I know, this is purely UI requests, but I want to know your opinion about it)


have to say I would like to be able to quote(partially or full) (what you name “advanced message forwarding”)
I think it is an useful feature. +1

About the stickers: since email have a cost to me, I would prefer stickers themes like in Pidgin where a text like :sticker-name: is sent and the app replace it for the proper sticker, this “:sticker-name:” could be sent as a link to the actual sticker hosted somewhere so users not using Delta Chat can see it, and it stay compatible with other MUA.


adbenitez: told you a lot of people would like stickers! They are awesome!

I think that hosting stickers somewhere IMHO doesn’t mix very well with Delta Chat spirit. We might think about making stickers packs separate downloads

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Yes, sticker packs repository is very good idea)) there is no need for bundled stickers, but it should be easily downloadable)

anyway shipping with some “default pack” would make sense, of course I am not talking about bundling all packs inside the app!

Providing a direct link to the sticker image (ex. a link to the png or jpg) is needed for compatibility with classic MUA (ex. k9, thunderbird, etc) downloading a stickers pack doesn’t make sense for them!! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Massick seems like you didn’t understood me, Delta Chat users will not have to connect to a server to preview stickers, they will be “installed” on Delta Chat, but users don’t using Delta Chat need a way to see the stickers, they are the one whom will load the sticker image from a server

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