Local encryption


Please, implement encryption of attachments and text messages while they are stored locally on the device. Apps with root access can read unencrypted text and see attachments. For instance, look how it is done in Signal and may be Threema (which is not open source). Is it possible?

Provide messures for the "device lost"-case

sure it is possible, however, it has to be done anyway :slight_smile: however, afaik, there are also some issues filed for that.

wanted to note here that the “apps with root access” cannot be run on a “normal” unrooted phone. so it is not a general issue.

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I like this Idea, my personal problem is, that I need the Mails not encrypted on server because of Outlook and other Thunderbird Installation. If you plan to encrypt files on phone than they have to be per device without any effect on the situation inside the app.