Let the input field grow up to 5 lines or more (Adroid and Desktop)

Currently the input field is grow up to 3 lines in android client and only 1 line in desktop client while typing.

It would be easier to see more text while I type a longer messages.

Since the input field is automaticly grow up it would not hurt if I write a “one line message”. But if I write a longer message (closer to Email the to short message) I would see what I have written.

So I would prefer a larger input field up to 5 lines or more (espacially desktop client)

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or perhaps a more flexible way, that allow to expand the “TextArea” while you are typing a long message something like a compositing view that you can toggle by double tapping the textview.
I have to say that I had bad experiences writing messages longer than 3 lines

That’s what I mean.

not really, I am talking of a (maybe full-screen) view for writing messages that users can toggle with the default 3 lines mode

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OK, I got it.
But let’s say 5 lines :wink:

For me it sounds like a good idea.
Especially Deltachat is still a “Mail client” and I write also sometimes mails, not only short messages.

That’s why I want “new line” by pressing the Enter key for desktop client.

Agree in that, Delta Chat must be good a enough so people doesn’t need to use another mail client!!!
Other wise it will be not as good as a chatting app and not as good as an email client, at least Delta Chat must beat email clients, so if users don’t replace their chatting app with Delta Chat, at least they still use Delta Chat as a better email client!!

Let’s say DeltaChat is a hybrid between messenger an mail client.

And with a good design it can replace mail an messenger :+1:

But if it’s in the main a messenger it’s great.

For official mails I still need a normal mail client with:
-subject line
-to,cc and bcc field
-quote of the replayd mail
-more attachments in one mail.
And so on.

And this would overload DeltaChat

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I have seen “Delta Chat”-like apps that include all the “conventional email client” functionality in the DC equivalent of “Contact Requests” view, but right now this is too much for DC as you say…