More sensible “Do you want to start a chat” prompt

Too often the “Do you want to start a chat” prompt is just annoying and only blocks the swift notification about incoming chat messages from already known contacts. The prompt is also silent and thus easily leads to missing messages when an already known contact is sending you a chat message with no already existing chat.

It should be possible to solve this annoyance and at the same time notifications for and popping up of later email messages within deltachat, simply by introducing a size limit for chat messages. Short chat messages from known contacts could then automatically be allowed, and (longer) emails may only be indicated by deltachat but not necessarily notified about .

The other important aspect in reducing the amount of unwarranted blocked chat messages is the improvement of the automatic detection of “email approved contacts”. Deltachat may not only process the newly received emails, but instead check all not-ignored IMAP folders once during start-up for “new messages since the last check”.

(These things were already part of the considerations for “MsgSCAN (polling and scanning for old and new email-approved contacts” and the “management of messages on the server”, but not presented in a feature/flaw targeted request to discuss.)

(The further idea to replace the prompt with “tentative chats” does not directly make the selection more sensible, but would make the UI less cluttered, more consistent, and provide a better overview about the state of the chat messaging.)