Additionally encrypted text does not reach recipent's devices

I would appreciate it if you did something to the issue of receiving text messages additionaly encrypted with OpenKeychain (when sharing encrypted text directly from OpenKeychain). All what the recipient gets is ‘[…]’ without the quotation marks instead of the encrypted text. Only when the text is sent in files with the ‘.txt’ extention it works fine and can be decrypted via OpenKeychain. But it is rather inconvenient to use text editors to convert the encrypted text to ‘.txt’ files in addition to using OpenKeychain and Delta Chat

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That sounds like an bug/feature request for the android version, I would rather post android specific things on the android repos issue page on github, there is the chance of being overlooked lower…

For your issue, maybe you can use the clipboard instead as workaround?

Tell to your friend show the info of one of these messages.

@Simon i think, in general it is fine to discuss this here. it probably also affects desktop and ios; (the […] comes from the core afaik). also the issue-trackers should normally not be used for feature-requuests.

to the issue: here are several things happening:

  • the core tries to get the correct “excerpt” of non-chat mails, without quotes, forward headers etc. unfortunately, there are no really clear markers for that in the body of emails, so there is always a chance that we do it wrong for a given mail …
  • … therefore, truncated stuff is shown with the […] and “long-click” plus “info” shows the full mail (unless it is really huge)
  • also, texts that are too long are truncated as the View controls in android have problems with huge texts (at least in the way they’re used currently)
  • this truncation is not only needed technically, but also to give the user an option to skip too long messages in a reasonable way.
  • “info” shows more details of the message, often the full, untruncated

so, if we “just” show the whole encrypted-ascii-mess, this would probably result in a lot of different issues that are hard to handle and/or require a lot of work. i do not think we will got into this direction. also as this goes very bad ux wise: imaging you have a 5mb encrypted somewhat inside a list of messages, you will scroll for ages until you reach older messages.

btw. currently, “info” lacks a “copy to clipboard” button, maybe just adding this will help on the openkeychain-enryption-issue. (depending on the system, however, a text-selection+copy is doable already now)

finally, i think the idea to put the encrypted data into an attachment looks as the most prober solution :slight_smile:

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despite the problem here, a button to copy the full message in the info view, will be really appreciated I had struggled with this “[…]” issue myself several times when I want to forward or resend the full message to someone else but the “[…]” is sent instead so I have no way to extract the content of the message, since the text in the info view is not selectable!!

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