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Remove Feature: Repeated Notifications (2)
Send location code (2)
Better Gmail support (2)
Delay send & group message? (12)
Socks4/5 and HTTP proxy support (2)
Show provenance of contact in contact's profile view (2)
Notify contact requests (let's discuss about this) (14)
show end-to-end encryption state of chat (4)
Multi accounts/profiles support (6)
"force(-once) (un)encrypted" to directly reach a classic MUA, after having had a chat (4)
Requests from my girlfriend) (6)
IA-32 (x86_32) bit build (3)
Make Contact Requests more visible (9)
Showing several/last message on lock screen (2)
Direct mention on groups (2)
Custom background per chat/group (1)
Make message's text selectable (2)
Favourite contacts (7)
Send typing statuses (4)
Easy identification of Delta Chat contacts and phone contacts (7)
"Last Seen" attribute in contact's profile (3)
Emoji autocompletion (1)
Make sync process more visible (1)
Broadcast messages (for later version after 1.0 release) (2)
Away mode on groups (1)
Don't change the subject (3)
Add "go to top" button for chats (4)
Allow to delete group image (3)
Allow to disable read receipt on groups (1)