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Ограничения почтовых серверов (11)
DeltaBot: an email bot assistant (4)
Easy identification of Delta Chat contacts and phone contacts (1)
Partial selection of messages (1)
Multi accounts/profiles support (3)
"Clear chat" function (7)
Replace "Read receipt status icon" to more recognizable icon (4)
More sensible “Do you want to start a chat” prompt (1)
Socks4/5 and HTTP proxy support (1)
"Markdown" support in chat (1)
A usable idea for PGP keys with a passphrase (3)
Hide group emails from data mining (7)
Standard features missing (14)
Add Nextcloud for filetransfer (12)
Add setting to show all people in DeltaChat (4)
Don't change the subject (2)
Add possibility to add a Chat Title to a specific Chat (2)
Add a "Split into new Chat" function (1)
Uudecoding functions (6)
Threads with delta chat (1)
Icon showing security on groups (1)
Replay to a message in the thread instead of replying to the root (6)
OpenKeychain integration (3)
Support using existing email accounts (not requiring dedicated accounts) (9)
Delta Chat and Mailtime (1)
Release the basic QR-Code "contact scanning" feature independently (3)