Chat Folders to Collect Chats by Context

As we begin to use Delta for more and more of our communication, the list of chats becomes longer and harder to curate and maintain. I’m also bringing feeds and telegram ‘chats’ into Delta now via Bots which is adding a lot more chat groups very quickly.

Proposal: Some way of grouping chats into folders (or groups) so that various types of chats can be combined into one place. ie. Family chats in one group, Work chats in another, etc. Would also be nice to set notifications by group as well. (I don’t need to see that I have ‘work’ chats on the weekend.) Personally, I would like to be able to Pin folders as well = keeping important folder groups at the top.

Discussion and suggestions by @simon:

yeah time for a feature request.
We already talked about these “Chat Folders” before, but I could not found the feature proposal here, so I guess this was only discussed in IRC or some chat.

Telegram has chat folders there we could get inspiration how to do it, depending on how we’d implement it UX wise it’s not that much work or more work, depends on how we want to do it.