Were to translate Android App Metadata?

The F-Droid store doesn’t makes auto-translation of an app description so it’s even more important to translate the fastlane metadata.
Here on the Transifex we can translate strings of the app itself but not it’s metadata.
I can manually sent a PR but this is anyway a stopper for many other translators. So could you please check if it’s possible to enable the translation of the App metadata?

Just as an example here how this looks for the Conversations XMPP client on Weblate:

Maybe something similar is possible in the Transifex

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Currently metadata for Android comes from upstream repository at deltachat-android/metadata at main · deltachat/deltachat-android · GitHub

We have an empty weblate project on Codeberg. I created a project for metadata just to test how it works: Delta Chat/Android metadata @ Weblate


Thank you. I added a translation for test.
It shows an error Maximum length of translation e.g. for a short description. It should work anyway but not sure here.
Also I added some translations for website.

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It looks like the Weblate didn’t send a PR with the metadata update.
And the meta sources are still 2 years old

@link2xt can you please check why the Weblate didn’t sent a PR?

Can https://translate.codeberg.org/ even create PRs? It needs to have a GitHub user for that, does not seem like it is set up.

I think updates should be puled in manually.

As for updating the sources, I have updated them and set up a webhook so it will be automatically updated next time.

I have opened PRs to pull translations and document how to do it before release:

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We can also use hosted weblate instead of codeberg:

But pulling in translations before release manually seems to be fine as well.

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Thank you! The Hosted weblate has more accounts of translators but they have some annoying pre-moderation. If you have a time that probably would be better, but I don’t know for sure.

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I have set up Delta Chat/Android metadata @ Hosted Weblate, let’s see how it works.

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