Android: Open video call with native jitsii app

First thanks for creating deltachat,such an amazing concept!

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When I join a video call from the deltachat android app, and I have the jitsii apk installed,

Expected behavior

I expect the call to get answered in the jitsii app

Actual behavior

the call opens in some default android browser that cannot run jitsii

Example Images

I’m not sure how easy it is to detect jitsi to redirect it to the jitsi app.
The normal way would be that you go to the settings app and add your jitsi instance to the links that should be handled by the jitsi app.
maybe that can already work for you?

Good question!
So I tried setting a jitsi instance in the jitsi app & the deltachat app, but I still get the actual behavior: the call opens in some default android browser that cannot run jitsi

I tried opening the android settings app, and there is some place where I can set the default Gallery app, the default Mail app, but nothing related to jitsi or videoconferencing.

My jitsi instance opens a page in browser that offers a button to open it in the jitsi app.

Seems like the option I was referring to only supports specific jitsi instances:

I could get to the same settings page, and it only has 3 supported links too. I guess I should ask jitsii instead to create a new option to add more links there dynamically (if it is possible ?).

Or maybe it is possible to broadcast an intent specifically aiming at the jitsi app (not sure if that would work) ?

PS: In deltachat, if I modifying the jitsii instance for one of the 3 supported, when I launch a video call, Android prompts me which app it should use.
However, I don’t have an account in , so I cannot start the call.
PPS: I clicked “wait for moderator” and now it seems that the call did start. I am not so versed in jitsii ergonomics, sorry if I am spamming the wrong forum for this!

I doubt that that’s possible.

doesn’t your jitsi instance ask you to open the app on the website before joining the call?

Deltachat on iOS and Desktop offer two default providers that you can choose from (we asked them wether we could include them as default options and they agreed):

Those default options are missing in android (because we did not have the time to add them yet.

Unfortunately not: when clicking on a “Tap to Open” bubble in DeltaChat, my mobile opens the stock android browser, which stays black. (this android phone is from China, so the stock browser is completely outdated, and I have no chooser about which browser to use either). From that black stock browser page, I can still copy paste the URL to another browser, but I don’t know how to paste it into jitsi, and the whole copy paste process is quite cumbersome to achieve in a not-calm situation, for example answering a call while driving.

Telegram also has the same problem, where clicking URL systematically opens with the stock browser. However, it is not an issue because the content from Telegram is usually some news article so the stock browser works fine there.

Incidentaly, systemli is the one I tested originally, that prompted me to open this ticket. I created the chat call from desktop, and the “Join the call” bubble was available on mobile to tap onto.

I have tried setting systemli as custom jitsi instance in the Android app, which enables creating the chat call from mobile, but the same actual behavior is observed independtly of the method for creating the chat call, mobile or desktop.

Directly sumonning jitsii:

I found that stackoverflow ticket, that describe an Android way to request specifically the jitsii app, and failover to browser url method. I wonder how desirable that behavior would be:


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Have you by any chance tried asking as well? They also have a jitsi instance (

can’t you install a recent firefox and make it the default browser? I think delta chat should open the default browser.

Yes delta chat opens the default browser, but for example, I use mull (a fork of firefox) as my default browser where I prefer that webrtc is not active.
In the end it’s not a huge problem because I have the app installed but, indeed, if there was a way to open the video chat directly in the app it would be more convenient.

the problem with opening the jitsi meet app directly is that you don’t know if the configured link is actually a jitsi meet instance, since any similar video call conferencing web app is supported

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Which similar video call conferencing web app is supported ? Do you have some documentation on how to configure and try those?

Well, all the default instance are jitsi meet instance, so it sounds like a good default to assume. I guess it is possible then to propose for advanced users to override that behavior.

For some reason, I cannot override the default browser with any version of any browser.

I think it is because the OS shipped with my HiSense A5 Pro CC phone is “Vision 7, Android 10, Software version L1732.” , and is heavily localized for the chinese market.

android 10… strange that default browser is not selectable and the browser is too old to open the jitsi page… can you contact support for that phone?
I think you do not really have the option of installing a custom rom, because this phone probably has some special drivers and adjustments because it has an e-Ink display.

Every web link is supported, it’s basically a fancy link.

So you could also make your own landing page that still works in the ancient browser and basically shows two buttons:

[Open in App] - opens the call link via the jistsi scheme
[Open in browser] - redirects to the web page of the joists instance that is broken on your browser.

You could also try to find out what breaks the page and report that as bug to jitsi in the motto of “would be cool if you could at least show the button to open in the app even when the page breaks”.