Broadcast list avatar set by creators and not by recipients

Expected behavior

When creating a broadcast list, a profile image can be selected.
This image is also displayed to the recipients.

Actual behavior

A profile image cannot be set when creating a broadcast list.
On the recipient side, the broadcast icon is not displayed, but the first letter of the list name.
For recipients it is possible to set a local profile image.


A broadcast list is now visible to recipients as a separate chat and is therefore more like a channel.
I think it would make more sense if the creator of the channel could set the avatar and not the recipients. Perhaps users could be allowed to choose a local profile image for non-DC contacts instead of broadcast lists?
I mean, it’s kind of illogical that users can’t set an avatar for non-DC contacts, but they can set one for a broadcast list and the creator of the list can’t?

Unfortunately, I don’t know whether moving the function would mean a lot of development effort, but it would certainly make DC look nicer. Especially for users with a lot of non-DC contacts.
Chats with DC users and non-DC users would look more similar, which would improve the overall user experience. From the DC user’s perspective, this means there is less need to convince their contacts to use DC. At least in my opinion, this is the big advantage that DC has over all other messengers.
This means you can largely avoid these annoying discussions about which messenger is the best. Therefore, all features that reduce this even further make sense.


sadly the broadcast lists are in a half-done state currently, they are channels now but lack ability to set channel avatar, encryption, allow subscribers to leave the channel and possibly for the owner to invite someone via QR

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