Advanced Resend (for new comer)

Good DC-team, developer, user,

if understanding right, the “resend” option for marked own former messages could be thought to serve newcomer to a chat with previous conversations.

Expected behavior

Invitation messages in the chat “Good to share old messages to our newcomer.” Possibility to easy select a willingness to do so, by either directing to advanced options in menu or by direct opening a selection possibility. Maybe such as “resend my last 50 messages”, “all” or “since ‘date’”

Actual behavior

One currently can ‘only’ select single messages manually and then use the menu “resend”.

this would make most sense if there were also a way to “resend” messages by other chat members

My person though so as well, but if thinking on “own”, it’s very respectful to let owner decide weather willing that new comer gains his messages or not, good master Simon.

That’s why thought on choose-able encouragement. All more consciously then. Or maybe ways of request by new-comer?

I understand where you are coming from, but some messages need context to be valuable, so without context they are hard to understand. On the other hand relaying messages of other users bring up questions about authenticity of the messages (were they really sent by the original author?).

On the note of making existing chat visible to newcomers: Adb’s mailing list experiments sent you the last 3 messages of a mailing list group. Also I had quite some discussions with people from the team about this a few years ago, generally we want some feature for this use case, like when you invite new members offer to send them the last timespan X of chat history or even the whole history. We didn’t had the opportunity to make working on it a priority yet though, also because there were still questions of how much work it would be and for what solution we should go.
I think if we developed concrete ideas in Make it possible to resend chat history on adding group members we could make some progress in that area, but at the moment there are more interesting/important features for the core team, so I can’t promise anything.

No demands at all, good Simon. Issue of introduce newcome is something often met, and just a share of inspiration. After all, once somebody comes new to a topic, he/she finds now nothing then an empty space. It often stays also such, as there are much “fears” of unknown on all sides.

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