"Send later" for messages

Expected behavior

I can schedule a message to be sent at a specified time in the future, either to myself (great for reminders) or others.

Actual behavior

N/A … only Send immediately


not sure how we can get this reliable timing wise, because we already have background problems with the OS killing DeltaChat at will while it’s in the background.
Also I think this would be a client side thing, so the device needs to be somehow online/active at the time it should be send.

So cool Idea, though I see some technical challenges depending on the expected form of the feature, could be that there are some compromises/alternate methods that could already get us 80% there.

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I like the idea but not sure it is good for Delta chat or locally working software because you cannot guarantee that it will be running at the scheduled time. GMail has such feature and it is much reliable (their server is always online and running). If this is implemented in COI standard the scheduled time must be moved to IMAP server extensions - something like “show this message after <date/time>”.

Hi everybody.

I can do this feature for you all, based on the code of the todo-txt app for delta.chat, if you all want.

my idea

send later by delta.chat+todo.txt by format-txt
(A) Thank Mom for the meatballs mailto:email@com.com +send_later
(B) Schedule Goodwill pickup mailto:email@com.com +send_later
Post signs around the neighborhood mailto:email@com.com
mailto:email@com.com Eskimo pies time::hour::minute::ss
  1. Save messages that will be sent locally
  2. And then wait a while to send
  3. Time to send can call android built-in function for scheduling like mobile alarm apps(there are apps like tasks.org that do this offline) or like todo-txt