Remove annoying account switcher sidebar?

Is there an option to hide the annoying and space consuming account switch sidebar, from the Delta chat 1.44.1 desktop app?


The sidebar for changing accounts and the multi-account notifications for me are the two most interesting new features of desktop version 1.44.1 and I really appreciated them, but I use multiple accounts, maybe for those who use a single account actually the sidebar might not be useful, in this case maybe it would “suffice” to make it visible only in case multiple accounts are configured and keep it hidden automatically in case a single account is configured.


I am a one-account user. I prefer a hideable sidebar.

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make a good sketch/concept how it can be collapsible including consideration for those aspects:

  • access to the settings via UI (keyboard shortcut is not known)
  • is it only an option when you have only one account? if not then it needs some indication for unread messages on the ui element that shows the switcher
  • consideration of traffic lights on macOS:

Then I’ll consider implementing it.

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Just used task top version days ago, and had much trouble to be clear which account is actually open, at first. So maybe just a more clear rendering might be useful. (Maybe moving active avatar up, and highlight it all around, not just a polite white strip on the left.)

Hidding it would be as troublesome as on Android: not easy to figure out which account in use (one may think that having same avatar in use).

For also single account user a “+” to fast add an account would be maybe useful addition at the column bottom.