Multiple Reactions from one User on one Message

Currently (in the upcoming version) one user can only react to each message a single time with a single emoji.
This proposal is about discussing to allow users to react with multiple emojis to one message.

  • Telegram offers reaction with multiple emojis as a premium feature - though they still limit premium users to 3 reactions per user.
  • allows for inline polls in the combination with Reactions: Click to react
    • user reacts with :+1: and :-1:, user can then vote with a single click,
  • in centralised messengers this also allows for writing text with the “letter emojis” (for example the letters that make up country flags), as we can not guarantee the same order by reaction time we can probably not do this in our decentralised app (at-least not easily) - also this feature is not important and more of a “hack” anyway for a minority of users that know this.

Other apps doing this: Telegram (Premium), Element (Matrix), Discord, Zulip, Slack, Github.


I personally think that reactions do not need a selector but it would be enough that if you reply to a message with emoji they would be displayed as “reactions” (I think deltalab implemented a similar function, but I am not sure).
That way if I respond to a message with a message solely of emoji, for example:
the three emoji would automatically be displayed as reactions

That would be a bit elitist, if you first need to learn some “secret”/“hidden” trick to do reactions. I want that normal users can still do it with tapping around without reading some manual or tricks page.

please add multiple reactions, coming from tools like discord and slack, this is super limiting in a professional setti g

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I’m for multiple reactions as well

Idk, easter eggs are fun

yes, reacting by replying with a single emoji is possible in DeltaLab, it was added before the reaction picker was available