Delta chat can achieve f2f communication

Delta Chat seems to be about to implement a webrtc based audio and video call function, so why not further implement f2f communication?
The email server may have many restrictions, but direct connection between devices can avoid this.
Therefore, Delta chat can provide peer-to-peer communication between reliable friends, making communication between friends more convenient

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Delta Chat is not about to implement or use WebRTC in its core operations. Where did you get this impression? It’s true that we are about to carefully introduce P2P things but that does not imply WebRTC.


That’s okay, I think there is a way to borrow an email but not rely entirely on it for communication, which can avoid some of the drawbacks of email.
For example, when there are too many messages or when the file size is too large, we have other means to bypass email restrictions.
Or some important messages that need to be deleted but do not want to leave a record in the mailbox, and even if encrypted, do not want to be sent to the mailbox, then we will need a way for devices to directly connect and communicate with each other.

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