Delta Chat General Gallery

The idea of ​​the gallery in the chat profile is great, a quick way to search for attachments grouped in one place.
However, sometimes I work by reviewing chat chat searched for a photo / attachment, because I don’t remember who sent it to me,

:bulb:I recommend that a General Gallery be made, similar to the one we have, but where the attachments of all the chats are grouped.

:mag_right:Access to it could be in: options / General Gallery


yip, this would be super-useful. in fact, we have similar ideas and plans :slight_smile:


funny enough I was struggling with this and wishing this feature while working with Delta Chat yesterday

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I want to add something else:

:page_facing_up:Currently when we open an image from the Chat, we have the option to open the gallery :+1:, but when we open the image from the gallery we have the option "to open gallery":thinking:

:bulb:I suggest that when opening the image from gallery, have the option to open the corresponding message.

:mag_right: The idea is to replace the “all multimedia” option with “view messages”, when the image is opened from the gallery.

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yip, also this makes totally sense :slight_smile: sth. “as long click → show messages in chat” came into my mind. and/or a button in the enlarged view.

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