Show message size and other statistics

For people with paid email accounts (ex. a cost per KB of traffic with the email server) like the case of Nauta (Cuba is national email service), it is really useful to know the size of the messages, and also some statistics like number of sent/received messages per month, the size and/or free space of the user inbox, etc

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The drawback is that the user can’t do much about message sizes, in retrospect you may be able to see the sizes on the server using a classic email client, and overall in the OS statistics for Apps.

There were a couple of issues for reducing the traffic:

For Cuban people is really important to be able to see the message size before downloading it (download only the headers), or at least do only a partial download (ex. K9 allow to download only 1kb of an email) since the Nauta server doesn’t provide a server side way for users to deal with spam, users have to deal with it using an email client, and potentially running out of money if the messages are downloaded by this client :frowning:

testbird since I am not interested in encryption (because also it is more traffic and encrypted messages are bigger, and that means more cost for us) have to say I love your ideas:


that is just what my friends say they would like to have in Delta Chat!!!

I will probably post a feature request to add a “lite mode” in which DC reduce the traffic as much as possible, some apps that people are using here (apps that are messengers using Nauta email just like DC) have this mode, to save money.

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Yep, traffic saving capabilities in deltachat would be very useful. It’s not only in Cuba that people don’t have large mobile flat rates with monthly costs, but have a data plan with less monthly cost but high traffic costs instead.

The “expensive network” and “traffic saving” modes are already there in android, only the deltachat support is missing. Is the code of these other email (messenger) apps that you mentioned to support some traffic saving features freely available?

They are not free software, also they are free of cost for Cubans but have cost for people of other countries

one of those apps have an option “Lite mode” in the settings, I don’t understand why you guys are so scared of adding settings and options for the users to play with

Had the user to guess that setting the “data restriction mode” (I guess this is what you are talking about) will made DC activate its lite mode??? isn’t finding this setting more difficult for a normal user than finding them in DC is settings???

testbird I think that integrating DC with the OS option is pretty cool!!!, but don’t know if for the normal users it is straightforward.

I guess it should be more straightforward than having to change the setting in every app. Of course, if deltachat supports this setting, it may also make it even easier to use it by providing a button that switches it, or opens the system configuration page for this setting.

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