General questions about Delta Chat

Hello, I have found Delta Chat very interesting. I have 5 questions about Delta Chat (mainly Android version):

  1. are the emails content & meta-data visible to the email providers (since the messages that we decrypt have been stored on their servers)?
  2. Can we delete messages when they take up too much space in the data quota offered by the email provider?
  3. What about this battery problem? Has it been resolved since June 11th ?
  4. Does Delta Chat intend to support Video Calls?
  5. Do we receive notifications when Delta Chat is in the background?

Thank you very much for your help.

I guess this is answered by another person, but no, the encrypted data is not seen by the providers … After. Continuous By the way, welcome to the forum

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Thank you for your welcome and reply. If I understood well, the message is decrypted locally on the phone and not on the provider server right ?

I will trie to answer as good es I can.

Messages from Delta Chat to Delta Chat are end to end encrypted via GPG by default.
So this messages will encrypted on the senders phone and decrypted on the receivers phone.

Header lines will not be decrypted AFAIK.

Addresses from sender and receiver are also not encrypted.

This works with every client which supports autocrypt.

There is a (experiental) option to delete all messages in the DC folder and also delete all messages in the inbox.
Of course you can delete messages via every Mail client.

Currently there is no automatically deletion of older messages. I hope it will come sometime :wink:

In this case I can only talk for me, And I have no battery problems.

I don’t know :thinking:

Of course. DC will ask you on first start to disable battery optimations to keep the background service alive

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Meta data like To From MessageId InReplyTo are unencrypted (only transport encrypted - not end to end).
The Subject and Contents of a message are fully end to end encrypted when the padlock is visible.

Yes, DeltaChat on android has even an button in the settings that clears the space on the provider,
This doesn’t remove them from your chats, as the messages, once fetched are stored in the local database on your device.

Yes it’s on our roadmap:

See List of Feature Proposals for more feature Proposals and requests

That’s the reason why it’s in the Background - so if you’re device doesn’t kill the background process you should receive push notifications.

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So it seems my answers are correct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s what I call fully answering questions, thank you very much!
In addition I see that the Voice/Video calls are programmed, it’s very good news.

And now you just have to install Delta Chat, test it and tell your friends you have found the ultimate messenger with better accessibility then all other messengers :wink: