Show size of photos and videos before sending

:page_facing_up: I have some DC users who have had a bad experience, as they sometimes try to send images and have consumed much of their data plan, because the images and video capture have been relatively large. I think that with this option the user would have a better control of the expenses.

:bulb:I suggest that the size of the multimedia files (photos and video capture) be displayed before sending them.

:mag_right: This could be, similar when sending an attachment, in which if the file size is shown


this would be really useful, also DC doesn’t compress PNG and users expect them to be compressed if they had the compression level to smaller size, at least showing the size that the attachment will have give them an alarm

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Maybe combind later it with an preview compression screen that has a slider to adjust the compression and you can see how it looks in realtime.


This would be great.
I would like it :+1:

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