Password protect DC desktop app

I use the DC desktop app on an Ubuntu computer, but the computer and user are shared among several people.

Can DC have a password protection feature for each email account so others cannot open DC and use it under my email and cannot send and receive and read the emails in DC under my email?

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At the moment the local data encryption/protection part is the responsibility of the user/ the operating system.
I recommend creating different users on that machine and password encrypting them. (


Since this app has security at its focus, this feature seems quite obvious.

Moreover, there are more scenarios that also needs to fit in here.
For example, since your conversations is not towards yourself, there is always at least one more party involved in the concerns for privacy.
Even if you die, and then family members or others “finally” get unrestricted access to your computer, IMO it should be certain for all discussion partners that nobody else may access the data without at least the DC password.
However, even before we die, it would make sense for such an app to have this kind of security. Without it, the encryption seems almost moot.
For the record: I think that even 2FA/U2F/security keys also should be considered.

Hi, thanks for your proposal. I think this fits closely to this: A usable idea for PGP keys with a passphrase