MDM for DeltaChat


Expected behavior

Would be nice to have a sort of Mobile Device Management (MDM) for DeltaChat. We could include settings and Design.


Maybe be able to change all default Settings


change basic colors, images (background, app) and maybe even the app name to the copany/organization style.

How to configure

I think the best and most generic way would be through the autoconfig xml file located at the mail server. This way every organization could change the style without touching the app of everyone.

Actual behavior

User can only change background atm.

What do you think?

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That design part sounds like something for a corporate/business edition that some businesses would pay money for to help fund development…
The settings are a needed feature though. Especially when you have a special case in an country(like expensive internet in cuba) and want to share setting- presets to less technical-sense gifted people that would have a difficult time changing settings on their own and also to save time (like for businesses as you already said)

Technically this is easier with custom build versions. - Which could also be a service merlinux could offer to do for companies to raise funds for development.

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yes, you could make a business feature out of it but I think you should be able to change this settings on your own without building and releasing a new app version. Maybe autoconfig is not the right way because it its requested only once at the start (Could be fine for init settings). From there you would need a different way, like an authorized email with settings/styles to change.


App name isn’t changeable except for maybe android with some lauchers I believe. For the design part - custom themes like in telegram would be nice.


that would be awesome!!!