Add contact as vCard

If I tab the attache button “contact” it would be nice if I could choose a contact from system contact App (address book) as vCard.

Currently is only a mailaddress.


some friends had complained abut they want to share ‘the whole contact’ I think this would be nice, but I would like people could select if they want to share the dc contact (email address only) or the full contact(contacts app)


In addition to this, it would be nice if we could add a contact from a file manager or contact app when tapping the “+” button in chat view, instead of typing it.

DC imports phone contacts the first time it’s opened (i think), but further additions must be done manually, or there’s an easier way?

@Massick you are getting a bit offtopic, but I think it is added automatically, you don’t have to add it manually

You were right, it seems that dc does this automatically on every start

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As we’re already on adding contacts, we could integrate when they have completed an api for other apps to ask for contacts permission. Although thats probably very far in the future.

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