Remove Feature: Repeated Notifications

We have a feature called “Repeated Notifications” where one can decide how often a received notification alert (sound & vibration) should occur. The different occurrences are separated by a two minute gap.

I would like to know if anybody is using this or if we could remove the code that is handling it.

The Notification code is complex enough as it is and having another thing with it does not make it easier to maintain. So, if nobody would miss that feature, I’d rather remove then fix it.

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this also sounds not very useful to me.

there are max. 10 repeats with a 2 minute gap, so if you enter the room with your phone after 20 minutes, you’ll miss the notification anyway.

i could imagine sth. with a longer span, repeat every hour or so, however, for now i would not go for that. iirc, oreo also has a system-function to repeat notifications, not sure, however.

so, i would vote for removing this completely in favor to a less complex and maintable notification code. we can iterate from there.


Yeah, IMO notifications can be handled by android system. I’ve never used this feature.

I tried to use this feature but because of the short fix interval it’s useless.
I think, it makes sense. But interval needs to be much longer. 1 hour or so would be a good compromise :slight_smile:

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@csb0730 - yes, at least 1 hour. IMO, that interval should be flexible for this to be a useful feature. I would like to have this option, but to be able to customize it easily, even with different settings per account on the device.

[Looks like this feature has “already” been removed in later DC versions since this is an “old” thread/issue. Would be great to discuss a potential “re-introduction” with more flexibility now that we have multi-account support in DC.]

yip, there is no longer such a feature. the general approach is to leave these things up to the system and do not try to handle sounds etc. on our own. the system know better how to debounce things etc. and recent android versions also do that. however, we (hopefully:) provide all information as channels, groups etc. to allow the system to take the right decisions.