Update the provider db directly in Delta Chat

Hi, I’ve been looking at the https://github.com/deltachat/provider-db repository today and had an idea about how people can contribute to the list.

This topic already notes how users could see information about their provider directly in Delta Chat. That’s a good start. But right now the only way to contribute to the provider-db is creating a pull request, very hard for people who have no GitHub account etc.

If the user uses a mail provider which is not yet in the provider-db, we could ask them in the app if they want to add it. We could offer a small screen with drop-down menus for the different options, e.g. how difficult it was to set it up etc. Then this gets sent to a GitHub bot somewhere, which opens a PR in the repository, adding the data to the db.

We probably shouldn’t show this screen directly after account generation, but only as the user used the app for a while. This way the users are more likely to contribute, and the account is more likely to actually work with Delta Chat.

What do you think?

good idea, though step 0 would be to make the provider detail page decent so we can move from the forum to providers.delta.chat

Update: I imropved the provider detail page a bit, so we can start pointing contributors to https://providers.delta.chat/ instead of the forum.

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