Add "go to top" button for chats

Some friends started to complaining about it is hard to go to the top of a conversation/chat, and that would be nice to have a button similar to the “go to bottom” button, but to go to the top.


That’s also a known issue that is valid but may have gotten “closed to get buried under discussion”, sadly only to generate more frustration and noise of course.

But at least there was a workaround for this:

  1. select “search” from chat’s menu.
  2. do not enter a search term
  3. click on the up arrow beside the search field

this isn’t really important to me, but I don’t think my friend will understand if I tell him to do that to go to the top XD

This was a request a year ago? I hope this will be targeted with android ii.

Tengo un cliente que también me pregunto por eso dice que solo se comunica con una sola persona y (esto fue por el siju) el marcador cuenta 13mil mensajes como en 4 meses, no lo creo le dije, me dice que intenta ir al principio pero se cansa…
Creo que sería una buena opción añadirle esto aunque sea solo cuando sobrepase cierta cantidad de mensajes…
O en el buscador, buscar por fechas.

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I have a client who also asks me for this, he says he only communicates with only one person and the email client Siju(a deltachat-like app) counts 13 thousand dc-messages in 4 months, I do not think so I told him, he tells me that he tries to go to the beginning but gets tired … I think it would be a good option to add this even if only when it exceeds a certain number of messages … Or in the search button, search by dates.

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I think in general, a better scroll will be better than a go to top button or a way to browse by date

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Estoy de acuerdo muy buena alternativa… Discreta y efectiva

I added a button to go 10% to the top with every finger tap.

This works very well. See my 1.2.10 release.

in the current releases is possible to search “in-chat” pressing the up arrow icon goes to the top of the chat

Every solution has it’s own charm :wink:

As the 1.2.x didn’t had any possibility to go up I did some tests. And for me the 10% steps were the best solution. I have some chats with ~1000 messages so “go to top” fullfills only the requirement to find oldest message. The 10% up jumps in reasonable junks.
If you really need to go to the top, you can do this quickly, but you have the choice to stop earlier :slight_smile: