Add a feature to initiate a panic code during emergencies

I’m proposing a panic code on the DeltaChat application. The panic code should be included within the delta chat settings tab. A user should be able to choose his panic code and when this panic code is entered, it should wipe off all chats locally and remotely within the delta chat application. The benefit of this proposal is that if a user is forced to unlock his delta chat application, he can initiate the panic button which will automatically wipe of his messages


also this should not show an empty chat list afterwards, rather it should generate some generic fake chats on the fly so that it’s not too obvious.

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Or even better, after entering the panic code, it gets marked as wrong and all following attempts are marked as wrong -> add a timer on each attempt after the first 3 and you get enough time to delete the data in the background:

  1. first it should overwrite, then delete the account information (store it in ram first)

  2. it should get all message ids to delete them remotely.

  3. it starts two threads:

    • one is deleting the local data
    • the other one is deleting the remote data
  4. delete remaining info from ram

  5. overwrite the database with random bytes

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