Change database location


I’m new to delta chat. I have an older smartphone with only 2 gb internal storage available, which is already quite full. I figured out that delta chat stores its database and all the send files in /data/data folder. I know that this is for security reasons, but it would be cool to have an option to change that.

Maybe like in k9-mail, where I can chose between /data/data or /android/data folder. Maybe its even possible to add an option for an external sd card. I think this would be quite easy to implement. Otherwise, my storage will ran out very soon, so I can’t use delta chat for this reason.



A better place for platform specific feature requests are the respective repositories.
So in your case it would make more sense to post this as an github issue in the android repo

The forum is more for general feature requests that affect all platforms, discussions and asking for help.

@Simon think it’s fine to discuss this here.

@krokodb i have 1gb of chat data as of now so i have similar questions coming up. In my case i’d like to do a proper backup (and import/merge into my desktop install) and then delete all messages older than a month, including its media. Having an option to store chat data somewhere else on Android would also be interesting, i guess. Limiting resource use of Delta (network, server, device) is certainly an interesting topic …

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My thinking was that it can’t get overlooked there as easily as here.

github issues are meant for organizing what’s going on – often feature requests are redirected to the forum, unless there is some agreement and someone does a PR.

I would declare “Changing DB Location” a necessity on android because many phones don’t have much internal storage. In my eyes this is actually a solution to a bug “Deltachat is eating up all my phones’ storage space” - So it’s definitely something for an android-repo issue IMO (this problem is android specific: iOS doesn’t have sdcard support and desktop saves the data to the users home directory)