"force(-once) (un)encrypted" to directly reach a classic MUA, after having had a chat


A known chat contact uninstalled deltachat because the “empty” chat messages and return receipts in his MUA inbox annoyed him (his email provider only supports folders below the inbox). (EDIT: That issue causing this has been fixed in the meantime.)

Now I can not reach this contact anymore, because the last message received was encrypted from his former deltachat installation.

Some ways to control the encryption are needed. For example, it is also needed to allow reaching a known contact, and him to answer with a normal MUA, for example, once he gets into the office, after he left the phone with deltachat at home.

  • Force-once-unencrypted in Chat menu (when autocrypt is on, as if an unencrypted message had been received)
  • Force-once-encrypted in Chat menu (when autocrypt is off, as if an encrypted message has been received)
  • always-encrypt in contact properties
  • never-encrypt in contact properties

(This proposal has been moved from https://github.com/deltachat/deltachat-android/issues/246 as we strife to only have one place where feature proposals are discussed.)


ohh that happend to me too!!! and i also like the idea of Force-once-unencrypted and Force-once-encrypted


been there too!


I would really like to be able to use encryption for some users and disable it for others… without having to go to settings every time and switching it on/off every time, of course :wink: a per-user setting