Group notifications

When I change group membership, an email goes out to everyone in the group alerting them to this. This might be fine for other DC users, as DC handles this email. But users of other MUA’s really don’t want to see it. It just looks weird. They respond – “what group? did you sign me up for some group? unsubscribe me!”

The “groups” is a concept that is internal to DC. No one else knows about it. We should not bother other people with this concept.

Expected behavior

When I add or remove people from a group, no emails are generated.

Actual behavior

When I add or remove people from a group, that generates a message to group members.

Why was this flagged and hidden?

How should others be notified that I want to leave the group or add sb else then?


In regular email, group membership is decided by the sender, not the recipients. Recipients have no say whether they are part of a group.

DC should follow this general email standard. Optionally, DC can make a couple of improvements.

  • When I tell DC that I want to leave a conversation, DC does not show me new messages from the conversation. That’s it.
  • DC knows from the headers which group participants also use DC. DC can send a special message to them to remove me from the group. But don’t send that message to people without DC.

I don’t think that leaving a group should just mean that i don’t see the messages. Over time this might lead to a lot of traffic one is not interested in. You can already “mute” a group so you won’t get notified about a chat anymore, and it moves down in the chat list i think.

Maybe removing several people could result in a single removed-members message so that it’s less obnoxious.


Same issue here. I renamed a group (automatically created via an email I received) and, alas, everyone in the email got a notification! This shouldn’t be. I got colleagues asking me “which group?”

this is a trick you can use:

  1. go offline (turn off connection, turn off mobile data or wifi etc)
  2. rename the group, delete members or whatever
  3. delete the system messages that the operation generated
  4. close (stop the process) the delta chat app
  5. turn on network again and open delta chat

heh @adbenitez always has a trick up his sleeves :slight_smile:

@fernandobuzi i think we could try to detect that a group was created by or has a lot of non-dc members, and then skip sending out a message on leave/remove.

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