Away mode on groups


When chatting in a group, users may not want to receive irrelevant group messages when they are not present/connected.
current scenario: Users chatting in “big” groups, must leave the group when they will go offline or when they are not interested in reading group messages(and don’t want to download that messages because cost money) then they have to ask to someone that still is on the group to join them again.
Delta Chat could provide a way for users to set an “away” or “do not disturb” mode, so users can stop receiving unwanted group messages, without leaving the group, and when they want to get the messages, they can do it by them self, a header could be used for this, so “to” header are active users and something like “away” header for users that are in the group but don’t want to be disturbed now, so total number of members == Away + To headers

This idea is based on self experiences, my friends are really scared about DC groups now because they get a lot of “spam” (old messages sent when they were not present on the group), and that have a cost to them.