Socks4/5 and HTTP proxy support

I think the app is missing a very important feature which is a user proxy support. Whether a user wants to use Tor via Orbot or a personal Socks5 proxy, there should be a per-connection setting present. Proxy authorization is not as important as the subject, but it would fully accomplish the required functionality.


Was curious about this as well.
Any news?

+1 for this one.

Even one can route the traffic through Tor using torsocks (Linux, Mac, unsure about Windows) and using AFWall+ Tor routing + Orbot on Android there is need for Socks Proxy Settings. Furthermore users in a business network will require to set the companies proxy server to make Delta Chat working inside a company LAN:

Delta Chat+Tor very need.

Does this commit to the core mean socks5 proxy will soon be implemented in all the clients?

The core supports SOCKS5 already.

UI is already implemented in the Desktop client: Implement settings for socks5 by Jikstra · Pull Request #2355 · deltachat/deltachat-desktop · GitHub
For Android/iOS it is not planned for the next release yet, but a backup with SOCKS5 configured exported from Desktop and imported into mobile client will use SOCKS5.

That’s great news! Sometimes Orbot fails so it would be great to have the app block any connection and fail to connect when that happens. Plus recently when restarting the phone Delta Chat connected to the account before Orbot started up, which was not good. Hopefully that wont happen again with the proxy set.

Definitely make a blog post when the time is right. Likely many will be interested in this feature. Thanks so much for making it happen!


Just for the record: on iOS, you don’t need the socks5 support in case you want to use email over an onion service (tor).
All you need is to install Orbot iOS (external Link to the app store).
Orbort iOS automatically starts a VPN and routes all traffic into tor’s socks5 interface.
You need to adjust the account settings accordingly. During the account setup tap on
→ Advanced
→ enter the onion service address for IMAP at IMAP Server
→ enter the onion service address for SMTP at SMTP Server

You can also change adapt the settings of an already configured account by tapping on
→ Settings
→ Your Profile Info
→ Password and Account
→ Advanced
→ IMAP Server and SMTP Server

Please check your providers instructions if further configuration changes are required.

Some activist tech collectives supporting email over onion routing are:
Systemli or