Send typing statuses

It is possible to emulate the behaviour of other IM apps/protocols, like riot, or XMPP, that make possible to know when the other user is typing, Delta Chat could send emails similar to read receipts but for typing statuses.
If user A closes Delta Chat and user B send a message to A, when user A opens Delta Chat again, the typing status message is deleted silently since there are a more recent message from B, in general all status messages are deleted silently if there are a message with a more resent date.


This would cause even more mails than right now, maybe double or triple them. Also there are latency and message order issues. There are some folks who are working imap extensions to signal presence. Personally, i don’t think isignalling presence is important enough to think too hard about it :wink:


Yeah! I don’t really want to use this feature, actually you know I would like to minimize the actual traffic, but for people with unmetered/fast connections, this feature would make people to feel more like in an IM app, and to be honest this isn’t my idea, there are already chatting apps that use email (just like DeltaChat) that have this feature.

Also I don’t think presence is important enough but sadly most “normal” users, that are used to the apps DeltaChat wants to replace, do.

let’s put it on what is often called the “back burner” … so for reconsideration at some later time. if about real-time then i think eg webrtc audio calls could be more interesting.


I love presence. Hazahh

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