Make veryfied contact more visible

Expected behavior

I would like if I verified contact it would be more visible in the Chat view.
E.g. a checkmark, the name written in green, a green border around the contact picture or what ever.

Actual behavior

There is no hint in the chat view if I veryfied this contact

Example Images

Maybe I will later create one.

first: please don’t forget to specify which app you are using, android or desktop.

A normal chat with a contact remains opportunistic. Only if you create a verified group with one or more contacts then the chat is marked with a verified blue tick mark. So far, a default 1:1 chat view can not be “upgraded” to verified or something like that.

Sorry currently, I talk about the Android client.
But still it should be also in the desktop and the iOS client.

To make tis possible it’s my feature request :wink:

well, but if we offer an option to make the default 1:1 chat verified or so - where shall messages that are eg. not encrypted be shown then?

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I am just a dummy and never used the verified contact/group feature, but… isn’t the same to just create a 2 members verified group??? that works already, produce the desired effect and avoids the issue @r10s talked about (just thinking loud here)

Probably wie talk about different things.

My idea about “verified CONTACT” is to compare the fingerprints to be sure I use the correct key for encryption (no man in the middle).

This is what I want to see. (Thats what I talk about my first post)

If a message is encrypted or not I can see in the chat bubble.
But I can not be absolutely sure was the key the right key.

After I verified the contact (respectively his keys fingerprint) I can be sure.

I hope you understand what I mean.
(You know, my bad english :wink:)

@webratte yes, I understand you, you had verified a contact, but in the normal chat, you could see a “setup changed” message, and that could be the man in the middle and you can keep talking after that, as far as I heard :wink: if you create a 2 members verified group, this will not happen, since verified groups don’t work if one of the members isn’t verified (after a key change the verified contact is not verified anymore)
so if you create this group you can be sure every message you send is “save”

Sorry, it seems you misunderstood me :wink:
I will try it again.

  • It’s possible to verify a contact by scanning the QR-Code

  • After this, the contact is marked as “verified” in the Contact view (Tap on the name in the chat view)
    That means I know, the key is the correct key of my contact. Not a key of a “man in the middle”.

  • And now I would like to see this also in the chat view as I described in the first post of this thread.

  • Of course, this is not a marker for a “verified chat”. It only shows me, I have the correct (verified) key.
    And this is important.

  • And if the key will be changed of course now it should be (as you described) the “setup changed” message appear and the contact now should be marked as “not verified”.

yes, making it more clear at any time if the user is verified may be useful, but still you may be focused on typing and ignore the change, don’t know, I still think the verified group is a safer option if you really want to have a secure channel, this way you don’t have to check every time if the contact is still verified, or that you pressed the sent button just some milliseconds after the contact becomes unverified, etc :wink:

Hehh, I’m not paranoid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t need a bullet proof chanel.

I only would like to see, have I the current contact (his key) verified already or not.

Not more and not less.

And the chatview headline would be a good place because it’s always visible if I chat.

maybe the problem is a bit that the same verified-icon is used for two different purposes - verified contacts and verified chats.

we could use two different icons, however, this might be even more confusing - having a verified-contact-icon in 1:1 chats and a verfied-chat icon in verfied-groups. and theoretically both icons in a group with only one contact. at a first glance, i would not like that :slight_smile:

i think the blue-checkmark should guarantee some kind of extra-verification - and this would be mitigated if we show a similar icon where no verification-guarantee can be given.

as a workaround - if you tap on the title bar in an 1:1 chat, there is the text “verified contact” shown.

maybe we should drop the usage of the verified-icon for contacts completely - there is already the idea to show the text “verified by NAME” in the contact lists, maybe this is sufficient. the icon would only be used for a verified channel then.

lots of maybes :slight_smile:

I know that.

Still I would like a marker in the titlebar of the open chat.
Only a small green dot beside the name or (as I said before) a thin green border around the contact picture.