Add the possibility to scan qr codes from an image

In the desktop version of DC there is an option to scan qr codes from an image without needing to use the webcam. I think that this option should be available for all versions of DC.


(that desktop has such clears a long time mystery about the use of QR, as my person wouldn’t/didn’t know how to “scan”, having just one device.)

Having looked into the code a bit, not at all familiar with Android app programming and how it is organized, it looks like the QR code stuff is contained in an integrated third-party package “com.thoughtcrime.securesms” (stemming originally from Signal messenger if I understand correctly). Does that include the whole interface functionality for the QR reading in DeltaChat? I am just trying to find out where to change something if possible, to add phone screen or image file as QR source. Maybe in this case, a change would be needed to be made in the “securesms” package used by DeltaChat Android, and not in DeltaChat’s own Android code directly?

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