Adjust font size of the messages

Is it possible to adjust the font size of the chat messages? I didn’t found any option for that. On iPhone and Linux Desktop on a Notebook the regular font size is really too small for an enjoyable reading.

If this feature isn’t build in I wish to see it as an upcoming feature at DC.


Directed at a knowledgeable person.
If the font size is set in an editable file, which one is it?

For desktop it is currently not changeable.

If you are up to modifying files, I would recommend cloning and building dc desktop by yourself instead, it is not that hard.
Message me (here on the forum) if you need help. (but please not in this thread as we want to stay on topic here :wink:)

Also I agree with that feature request, so I will work towards implementing it in the near future.

I implemented some scaling and opened a pr.

Update: That pr made it in the new release:, have fun testing!