Advise on (open source) email servers for Delta

We are setting up our own email server for several hundreds of users, specially for DeltaChat. Are there any email servers you advise? Would iRedMail be a save bet? I saw another thread about mailcow
Thanks, Djoerd.

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The mailcow people have a commercial offering for on, so I think their solution can handle many users at once. Depends on your hardware of course. They have a telegram group and a forum, maybe you can ask there for experience and tips.

mailcow has a sieve rule for deltachat messages, that they get moved to the DeltaChat imap folder.

I don’t have any experience with iRedMail yet, so I can’t say anything about it.


Are you looking for a managed service or a self-hosted one?

Let me quickly introduce myself. I’m a core developer from SelfPrivacy project and we’ve been working for more then a year on a simple automated way to deploy your own server with your own private services(and yep, we have mailserver as a service, among others that we offer). We’re still in beta, but I thought that maybe you’d find our solution as a suitable one :slight_smile: It’s fully open-source, based on open-source and free(libre/as in free speech) projects.

We’ve been using NixOS as a software platform to run services on, as it provides self-maintenance and reliable way of making changes to the system(and roll-backing in case of issues).

Part of our solution regarding mailserver is based on this mailserver configuration framework for NixOS: GitHub - r-raymond/nixos-mailserver: A complete and Simple Nixos Mailserver

Under the hood it’s Postfix as MTA and Dovecot as IMAP server.

Source code of different parts of our project can be found here:


Since any email server should work with delta, according to its definition … any server would do, but I would advise on privacy-focused collectives … here are a few lists to choose from