All DeltaChat creats a Deltachat folder on users on the same server/domain

Delta Chat version
1.38 and 1.40 “tesing” on PC/linux

Expected behavior
Receiving mails from DC in a standard client should end up in inbox.

Actual behavior
After moving my mail-server my mails sent from DC ends up in a DC-folder to recipients not using DC and is on the same domain.

Steps to reproduce the problem

  1. Send from DC
  2. Recieve in Thunderbird or SoGo-web

Any ideas whats going on?

Hello :wave:,
DC creates its own folder in the mailbox.
E-mails recognized as chat or were written in DC are automatically moved there.
The purpose of this is to provide a better overview if you also use the same mail account for standard e-mails. However, this function can be switched off in the settings.

Settings → Advanced → Move automatically to DeltaChat Folder

Hey, and thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I have a DC folder in my clients, and this is understood.
But, as it has been working earlier the receivers never had a DC-folder(they dont use DC)!? All my DC created mails did go to there inboxes (as far as I know).

Hmm, strange.
An email from DC cannot create its own folder. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.
The email may have ended up in the spam folder. If DC was installed once it might explain why a DC folder exists. A server rule would then push the mail there.

yeah, very strange!
I will set up some new accounts for testing and see…

I did set up a new test mailbox on the same domain, and it happens again!?


will try another domain too

what email provider/software are you using?

It is a mailcow server located on a VPS, clients are Thunderbird and Sogo.

mailcow has an option or a rule per default or sth that moves emails with chat version header into a deltachat folder. That may be your issue.

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I think I found it now in “Global Prefilter”

if header :contains ["Chat-Version"] [""] {
  if mailboxexists "DeltaChat" {
    fileinto "DeltaChat";
  } else {
    fileinto :create "DeltaChat";

Any recomendation here?

remove the else part, so if the folder does not exist it is not moved.

if header :contains ["Chat-Version"] [""] {
  if mailboxexists "DeltaChat" {
    fileinto "DeltaChat";
-  } else {
-    fileinto :create "DeltaChat";
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