Allow customising name of DeltaChat folder

Desired behaviour

I would like to be able to customise the name of the DeltaChat folder in my email. My existing folders all use generic names, e.g. “Lists”, “Code”, etc. and so I would like to have a folder simply named “Chats” for DeltaChat messages.

Actual behaviour

It appears I must have a folder named “DeltaChat” in my mail, which I find ugly. Whenever I see it I contemplate not using DeltaChat just so I can delete it.


  • I think the generic approach is better than the specific for increasing adoption. It’s easier to convince someone to have “a folder for chats” in their email than “a DeltaChat folder.” It helps with the wtf is DeltaChat!? factor.

  • I think allowing choice fits with the freedom-focused ethos of the project.

hi @rnkn,

first of all, welcome aboard!

to the folder-name: in fact, the first implementations were using then name “Chats” which i also think is much nicer, generic etc. - unfortunately, this name has some problems with some providers.

after that, there was a loooooong discussion about the name - at the end we’ve chosen “DeltaChat” and voted for simplicity. for now we’ve chosen not to make the name configurable to simplify usage and support, well-known places are generally a lot easier to maintain.

Thanks for the kind welcome!

It confused me that the project might run into an obstacle in using the hardcoded name “Chats” and not see this as good reason to not use a hardcoded name, and also that no one seemed to raise this as the root of the problem.

I feel like that discussion would have been better to have taken the form of recognising the existing folder name causes some issues, so primarily making the name configurable, and then deciding on a more compatible default name to ease adoption.

Is there a Github issue/PR I can subscribe to be notified of any progress on this front?

not as far as i know - and, to be honest, me personally has not regarded this as an issue the last time, at least no important one :slight_smile:

but, for sure, this forum is the right place for such discussions and feature requests, the github issue tracker is more about bugs and things people actually work on.