Allow uploads to other types of files if it is possible

Here a list of some common file types:

  • Compressed file:
    ** 7z
    ** bz2
    ** gz
    ** lz
    ** lzma
    ** lzo
    ** xz
    ** z
    ** zip
  • Image:
    ** svg/svgz
    ** webp
  • Packaged file:
    ** cpio
    ** tar
  • Video:
    ** mp4
    ** webm
  • .7z

Also we should keep in mind that webp isn’t supported by every browser yet:

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Added to the list.

Safari is the only important that don’t support it I think.

It’s not supported in my version of firefox(60.6.1esr (64-bit)), I checked using this site

Oh sorry, Firefox ESR, we would need to wait to Firefox 68 -->

Firefox ESR 68 already released -->