Allow user to DISABLE the outdated/update nagging notification

Expected behavior

Allow user to disable the “Your DeltaChat is outdated” FORCED notification popup.

Or if you really INSIST, just display the notification ONLY ONCE and NEVER EVER.

Actual behavior

DeltaChat CREATE Device notification, saying that DeltaChat is OUTDATED.


  • Any good software ALLOW user to disable notification,
  • And it should be up to end user to DECIDE the update or not.
  • At least Firefox allow enterprise user (ESR) to DISABLE the update by policies.json.
  • There are MANY people who disLIKEs automated update nor FORCED notification.

I SERIOUSLY wants you to consider this, or I will tell other people (200+ DC users I convinced) to go back to XMPP.

To add to this injury, I AM ABLE TO USE DC JUST FINE. So please go do you thing and don’t nag us!!

I don’t know what rock you crawled under from but “forced” updates as you put it are in fact the norm. Updates fix bugs and security issues and occasionally give you new features. DeltaChat wants to become Microsoft and everyone must opt-in to forced upgrade.

That being said having an option to disable an update surely satisfy many cave people like you. Non-Windows user, Firefox user, Linux user always think they have a right to control the update.

DeltaChat is not a “good software” for you - it will ring your doorbell forever. And it is norm.

ping @Simon @compl4xx @r10s

You may have a thousand good reasons and I can even agree with your request but “Threatening” to make DC abandon if what you asked is not done is not only rude, but very disrespectful! You can make all the requests you want in a polite way, “Force” the devs to submit to your will, otherwise you’ll make DC lose users, it really sucks!


@normandy1 and @MelloCello7 – i concur with @Andreas that your way of putting up discussion here is very questionable. Please guard your tone.

As to the topic of warning about outdated versions: there are many occasions where users run into head-scratching bugs because they didn’t upgrade, let alone security implications. Having a warning in device-messages at least gives a clue and does not even (like other messengers do) prohibit using DC. The current warning period is “after 1 year” and introducing an option for disabling that, while we are generally trying to minimize the number of options, is, frankly, dead in the water. If that means that you and your supposed 200 friends don’t want to use DC anymore, then there is no much we can or want to do.


just update yourself every 3 months, then you will never see this notification, and when you want to stay on the ancient versions, compile DC yourself after you removed the code for the update device message.

We also don’t want to be annoyed by users using ancient versions and complaining about bugs we already fixed long ago.

If you really want it and are too lazy to compile it yourself, you could offer us money to make a custom version without this device message just for you.

BTW: you really should notDEMAND” things when someone gifts you something of value for free and you have not paid for it.