Allow users to generate QR codes to simplify the login process.

Used for private servers that do not open account registration. QR codes can be generated by server administrators and assigned to designated individuals.
Summarize and convert the following parameters into a URI in a specified format, and then convert the URI into a QR code for Delta Chat to scan:
Email address;
SMTP server (address; login name; password; port; security type);
IMAP server (address; login name; port; security type);
And others.

URI example:


hi @974F7BB1D254 - welcome aboard :slight_smile:

yip, letting users login via a qr-code would be a nice thing to have, esp. as the ui for that is mostly there on all platforms.

we thought about that a bit at are .mobileconfig files worth being supported? · Issue #1233 · deltachat/deltachat-core-rust · GitHub - there seems to be a sort of standard, however that is not that self-contained as your suggestion.

During the small-scale test that lasted for about 2 months, it was found that most people in the test sample expressed varying degrees of dissatisfaction with manually filling in the login parameters.
Since the test sample population uses a private server built by me, the server settings in the login parameters are necessary. This is very poorly friendly for some middle-aged and elderly people: there is too much content to enter, cumbersome, and error-prone. The scan contains the above QR code login of parameters can effectively solve this problem.