An option to have group admins

when you have close friends or family members in a group, not having an Admin is not really bad, but when the group gets larger sometimes you need ways to control some aspects of the group. right now, anyone can change the name of the group or spam everybody or …
is it possible to have restrictions in the groups?
or is it against the philosophy of Deltachat?

It’s not against the philosophy, but it’s difficult from a technical point of view because there is no central instance that saves information about the group. And it’s difficult to keep the member list in sync (i.e. consistent) across all members, also having a list of administrators will make things harder.

Also, e-mail isn’t really suited for large groups, anyway, because you will hit spam filter limits at some point.

If you want a large group which you can control, you will have to create a mailing list currently, e.g. with Mailman.

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Yup, that’s a disadvantage. We could do something fancy with symmetric encryption to solve this, but that’s looooooots of work, so for now we’ll have to stay with “DC isn’t really suited for large groups”.


Yes, I agree with this attitude!

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