Android DC does not recognize empty message with 5 MB file on all devices

I have DC installed on several phones and one tablet. Today I received a message consisting of a single attached file ca 5 Mb in size from a user who is /not/ using DC. One of my phones correctly picked up the message with file but three other units did not, not even after extended time. Further, the message remained in the Inbox folder of my e-mail account rather than automatically being moved to the DC folder like for other messages.

Is this perhaps a known problem with large messages?

Which version(s) of Delta Chat do you use?

Latest one in the Google play store.

Version 1.14.5 on all devices.

Could you provide an anonymized log file of one Delta Chat client that has not picked up the mail, please? (You can send it to me directly, in a private message.)

Yes, I will do that later today. I did, however, take a quick look at the log file and it seems it only logs events the last 30 minutes or so. Is that sufficient? The message was sent to me yesterday.

I can, if you would like me to, move the message out of the Inbox in my regular e-mail client, wait a while (not sure if the length of time makes a difference) and then move it back to the Inbox followed by checking the DC event log.

Would that be more helpful? I do not know how DC recognizes individual messages and if it can be fooled by the above action?

No, unfortunately not.

To receive a mail of about 5 MB size would reflect better what happened at your site.

Just sent the log file to you, I have replaced any identifying information with xxx. If anything is unclear, please let me know.

I took the very same file, MS pptx, and sent it to myself from another one of my accounts. It has not shown up at all in DC on any of four devices but is still in regular e-mail inbox.