Another Delta Chat messenger in Gplay

I just found a new delta chat messenger in the google play store.

Did you know a out that?

I looked at the developers page. It’s an asset-flipper we’re dealing with here. @r10s is on it and sent them a warning.

The app itself is an telegram clone/fork in which advertisement was added to make the “app developer” money. I wouldn’t be surprised if that telegram clone-app would be sold by the assetflip providers our little assetflipper is customer at.

Weird, and thanks for the Info.
What is a “asset-flipper”?

They use/buy assets other people made, put them together without any original work and sell them as their own. Some companies even do that work for you and you only need to collect the ad money in this case.

Asset flippers in video games, thats where that term originated. here are some videos:

First there were people who create games by only throwing assets together, not doing anything by themselves and publishing those “games” on steam to get people to buy them.
Then they published games to exploit steam(steam is a game store and platform) mechanics to launder/generate money. Get game keys sell those to people who farm trading cards which then get transformed into gems and sold for real fiat currencies.
Also some Companies started perfecting the assetflipping with making a base game and just switching out the graphics and offering this as a service

So the beginners use it to scam gamers into buying there game in hope that they won’t refund it and the “professionals” exploit the steam platform.

For apps its the first one, but most of the time monetized with advertisement instead of a paid app.