Any experience on using Yahoo! Mail and voice messages

Hi there,
I see a pdf on DeltaChat comparing many IMAP-supported email services but it seems most of them are not reliable enough to using them for DeltaChat!

  1. Anybody has experience on using Yahoo! Mail for example for DeltaChat?
  2. How you guys send voice messages on DeltaChat?


On Desktop there is no button to send voice messages afaik (there is a feature request at Voice message button on Desktop version), but on Android you can press the microphone icon and record a message.

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In DC-iOS you have to tap on the paperclip icon and then on Voicemail.
As a workaround, you can simply send an audio file recorded with another program in DC-Desktop.

I haven’t tested “Yahoo Mail” yet.
In my experience, “Telekom”/“Magenta”, “GMX”, “”, “Gmail”, “iCloud-Mail” and “” work without any problems. “” works, but you have to be careful not to send too many emails in too short a time. Their servers think that’s spam. For this reason, you should remember the profile information entered during registration in case you need to unlock the account again. In general, it is important to find out about the sending limits. In the free offers there are sometimes only 50 mails per day for example “”.

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What about IMAP features? it seems only two freemium services, Gmail and iCloud Mail supports these features.

I, C, Q are additional IMAP functions that are not absolutely necessary to use DC.
But of course it is better if these features are supported by the provider.

I stands for IDLE. This feature allows DC to establish a persistent connection to the server.
Otherwise it must be rebuilt for each synchronization.

C stands for CONDSTORE. This simplifies synchronization and reduces overhead in most cases.

Q stands for QUOTA. If this function is supported, you can display in DC how much memory the account is using. To do this, you have to tap on Chat above the chat list in DC-iOS or on Connectivity in the settings. With DC-Desktop, this function can also be found in the settings under Connectivity.

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without idle messages are received delayed

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