Are Read Receipt Messages ever deleted?


I currently seem to have one read-receipt per message in my Deltachat folder. Can’t they be deleted after the app marked the message as read internally? Or after the next message from the other person arrived (what implies they saw the chat history)? This could free storage space and reduce the number of messages.


When and if they can be deleted depends on the multi-device syncing.
Maybe the first client to see the receipt can adjust the “seen” state of the corresponding sent message, before deleting the receipt. Allowing other clients to pick up the state later on.


What about deleting them when I answered the chat? Other clients will be notified that I answered, so the “read” state is synced as well.


Seems problematic in group chats where “seen” and “answer” can’t be implied.


Fixing this is currently started in

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A history limit won’t get rid of the messy receipts in between the messages on the server or in archived folders.


But I think especially for group chats, there are A LOT of read-receipts. And with some text in them, every one of them may even be larger than the message I’ve sent, but after a short time they are not needed anymore.

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history limit will solve all the problems for those who don’t want to keep any message in the server, including read receipt :wink:

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And also for all who only would clean up older messages (older then x days) to save storage.

For me it’s no matter, if there younger read receipts or system messages then this x days.

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read receipts are not currently of much use in groups, would be good to have an option to disable read receipt in group, it is a lot of waste of emails and we need to long press the message and press the info button to see who read the message, and this for every message :confused:


Ah, great. I didn’t know that. I thought I can’t see that.
I like this feature :wink:


yes but it is a bit too much work to do this every now and them to check if friend X or Y read it or not yet, that is why I was proposing a eye icon with a number of views instead of the double mark for groups, also the current “trick” is a bit hidden, for example you didn’t knew about it


This sounds like a good idea for a later version.

Currently there are much more important thigs to do.

E.G purge older mails from server :wink:

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for sure,
server clean up and traffic saving is much more high priority for people with slow/paid networks and limited server :wink: