Are the F-Droid and Google Play releases identical?

I’m asking because nightlies are available in two versions (gplay and fat) , which have slightly different file sizes.

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They are functionally identical, but F-Droid releases are built on the F-Droid servers according to the recipe available at

I don’t know why gplay and fat variants have this size difference, they should differ only in the applicationId:

I guess the difference in size is caused by the ZIP compression of APKs and is more or less random. Sometimes fat is larger than gplay, sometimes gplay is larger than fat (here: Index of /android/nightly/2021-03-30/).

F-Droid is a fat version, but built by F-Droid servers and signed with F-Droid key.


Not sure what fat version means, but if an app is available on both F-Droid and Google Play Store, I will always prefer to use F-Droid for installation and updating, unless there really is a difference in functionality that may matter (like with Nextcloud Talk, which has GCM integration in the Play Store version, but not in the F-Droid version).

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