Are there any native linux desktop apps in the works?


Are there any plans to release a native linux app (not based on electron)? I think this is a really neat project, however, there are so many electron apps these days and they are so…inefficient. especially if you have 2 or more electron apps you use. It just seems really unnecessary to have such a memory hog for a chat app and it is a pretty big barrier to me actually switching to this.

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there are no plans although some developers have signaled interest. A good UI programmer (gnome, QT, …) could probably use the stable deltachat-core quite easily to write a different desktop app. We’d certainly support such developments. For now, Elektron was a good choice community wiuse even though it certainly also comes with downsides.


I see, bummer. Thank you for the reply. It’s a very clever concept and I wish you luck. I may check back in in the future and see how it has progressed. Cheers.


to me the idea of having a Pidgin plugin is really appealing, this will allow users to use Delta Chat in all OS where Pidgin runs, including 32bit OS, also will allow multi-accounts which is a “must-have” since almost everybody use more than one email account and all Delta Chat clients seems to ignore this :-/


deltachat-desktop supports multiple accounts.


I had never used it but, I was thinking desktop app was behind Android in dev/functionality terms, seems like I was wrong haha


Well, make feature requests on KDEs & Gnome’s issue trackers. AFAIK both KDE Plasma and the Gnome Desktop come with their own pre-installed instant messengers, I think KDE’s was named Telepathy.