Are there any working bridges already in production?

Is there any working two-way-bridge between Deltachat and some other instant messaging network that is already running and in use? I found a lot of discussion about bridges and bots, but no working code (I looked at GitHub - kamax-matrix/matrix-appservice-email: Matrix <--> E-mail Bridge - found via Bridges | - but that appears to be broken and out of active development for 3 years). Matterbridge closed the feature request as out-of-scope ( [Feature] Email support · Issue #513 · 42wim/matterbridge · GitHub ).

An IRC bot is used on the #deltachat channel in Libera Chat network: GitHub - simplebot-org/simplebot_irc: [WIP] IRC ↔️ DeltaChat bridge
There is also a new Telegram bridge released just a few days ago: GitHub - simplebot-org/simplebot_tgchan: 🌉 Telegram channels subscriptions in Delta Chat

Both are developed by @adbenitez

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there is also:

which can be used to bridge groups, it is similar to the Matrix Telegram relaybot.
There is a running instance that can be used in Telegram the bot is @deltachat_bridge_bot and on the Delta Chat side, the help on how to use it to bridge a Telegram an Delta Chat group is on the bot description in Telegram and in the bot help on Delta Chat with the /help command

besides the already mentioned bridges, there is a Mastodon/Fediverse bridge:

and a WriteFreely bridge to publish in WriteFreely blogs: