Attach files on iOS - support access to iCloud?

Right now, we’re implementing file attachments in Delta Chat iOS.
There’s an easy opportunity to support access to the own iCloud Drive. Do you think we really need this?
We’re working on a decentralized messigang solution in order to create alternatives to all these data silos. I’m not against self-hosted or community-hosted cloud solutions, but hesitating to support systems that exist to keep you within a single corporate world and try to make profit out of your data.

So please, come up with your arguments here, why this is really (not) needed :slight_smile:


i’d say, we should support this. the file is already on icloud anyway.

The file explorer on iOS is still s*** so I guess it’s mandatory

I think many people would probably like it, but I don’t find it necessary.

Personally I don’t use iCloud so I can’t tell much about its integration. Can’t one access those files through the file manager, too? In the file manager I can e.g. access files from my nextcloud-account easily.

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@cyberta added the feature meanwhile: - it is merged to master and will be available with the next update then.

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